SCHOLBERG, Henry Caesar

SCHOLBERG, Henry Caesar. Rushford, Minnesota 11.10.1879 — Daytona Beach, Florida 2.10.1969. U.S. Methodist Missionary and Hindi Scholar. Born in a modest family of Norwegian immigrants, studies at Hamline University in St.Paul. Arrived with his wife at India in 1906, first stationed in Bombay, then in Narsinghpur (Central Provinces), and after a furlough 1916-18 in Nagpur. The family returned to the U.S.A. in 1924 and HCS was pastor at several parishes in Minnesota until 1929. Back in India he worked in Mathura until 1936 and then in Jabalpur. Retired in 1945. First living in Minnesota, then in Florida. Married with Ella Conrad.

Publications: Concise Grammar of the Hindi Language. 1940, 2nd ed. 20+249 p. Bombay 1950, 3rd ed. 1955.

Sources: H. Scholberg (his son), That’s India: The Memoirs of an Old India Hand. N.D. 2002.

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