STRONG, Dawsonne M.

STRONG, Dawsonne Melanchthon. 11.11.1841 — 1903. British Colonial Officer interested in Buddhism. Son of Clement Dawsonne Strong and Charlotte Symonds. Served in Bengal Infantry, Major 1879, finally Major-General. Retired, in 1899 living in Edinburgh. Married 1870 Mary Louisa Smith, six children.

Publications: Translated from Persian: Selections from the Bostân of Sâdi. 63 p. L. 1872.

– The Metaphysic of Christianity and Buddhism: A Symphony. 15+128 p. L. 1899.

Translated from Pāli: Udāna or the Solemn Utterances of the Buddha. 8+129 p. L. 1902.

– Also translations from Greek.

Sources: His 1899 book and stray notes in Internet.

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