STEPHENSON, John (younger)

STEPHENSON, John. Padiham, Lancashire 6.2.1871 — London 2.2.1933. British Physician and Zoologist in India. Also a scholar of Urdu, Arabic and Persian, later also of Pashtu and Pañjabi. Educated in Burnley, studies at Owen’s College, Manchester (B.Sc. 1890, B.Chir. 1893). Worked as physician in Manchester and London, joined Indian Medical Service in 1895. Served in the Punjab, from 1906 Professor of Biology and 1912 of Zoology at Lahore Government College, also its Principal. In WW I served in Egypt. Retired as lieutenant-colonel in 1921. In 1921-29 Lecturer at Edinburgh, then worked in Natural History Museum in London. C.I.E. 1919. Married 1895 Gertrude Bayne, no children.

Publications: Biological publications, edited and translated Arabic texts, reviews.

Sources: G.M.C. Smith, JRAS 1933, 495-497; Wikipedia with photo.

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