STEPHENS (Stevens), Thomas (Thomaz/Tomás Estevão)

STEPHENS (Stevens), Thomas (Thomaz/Tomás Estevão/Esteves, also known as Padre Busten/Buston).
Bushton, Wiltshire 1549 (?) — Salcete 1619. S.J. British Missionary in India. Early Marathi scholar and author. Studied at Oxford. Adopting Catholic faith he went to Rome and joined Jesuits in 1575. Arrived in Goa in 1579 and remained in India until his death. Ordained priest 1580. He was Rector of the Jesuit College in Salsette and parish priest in several Goan congregations. He corresponded with his father; two letters on Goa were published by Purchas.

Publications: Doutrina Christam em Lingoa Bramana Canari. Rachol 1922 (the first book printed in Konkani).

Arte da lingoa Canarim. Rev. by D. Ribeiro et al. Rachol 1640 (Konkani grammar), new ed. by J. H. da Cunha Rivara as Grammatica da Lingua Concani. Nova Goa 1857.

Khristapurāṇa, a Christian Purāṇa in Marathi, printed 1616, 1649 and 1654, but no copies are preserved. From manuscripts edited by J. L. Saldanha, Mangalore 1907, then several editions (N. Falcao 2009).

a few letters preserved.

Sources: Oaten 1909, 105f.; Wikipedia with further references.

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