BEGLAR, Joseph David

BEGLAR, Joseph David(itch) Melik. Dacca (Dhaka) 1840 — 24.4.1907. Armenian Archaeologist in India. Son of David Fridomitch B. of Chinsura, after Hooghly College trained at Calcutta Civil Engineering College as civil engineer. Assistant of Cunningham in the A.S.I. from 1871, before this worked at Public Works Dept. of Bengal as assistant engineer. He knew photography and was interested in archaeology. In office he carried in 1871 a survey of Delhi, in 1871-72 a tour in Bundelkhand and Malwa, in 1872-73 a tour in Bengal (with Bihar and Orissa), in 1873-74 a tour in Central Provinces, in 1874-75 and in 1875-76 a tour in South-east Provinces. Retired in 1879, but still active. In 1880-84 supervised repairs of Bodh Gaya temple and 1885-90 Archaeological Surveyor of Bengal, disputed with Burgess, who deemed his work amateurish. Married 1868 at the Armenian church in Chinsura.

Publications: “Delhi”, Report for the year 1871-72, p. 1-91. A.S.I. 4. Calcutta 1874; Report of a tour in Bundelkhand and Malwa, 1871-72, and in the Central Provinces, 1873-74. 252 p. A.S.I. 7. Calcutta 1878; Report of a tour through the Bengal Provinces of Patna, Gaya, Mongir, and Bhagalpur … in 1872-73. 213 p. A.S.I. 8. Calcutta 1878; Report of a tour in the South-Eastern Provinces in 1874-75 and 1875-76. 165 p. A.S.I. 13. Calcutta 1882.

Sources: Chakrabarti 1988, 83-86; Up. Singh, Discovery of Ancient India. N.D. 2004, 135-157; M.J. Seth, Armenians in India. Calcutta 1937, 309-312.

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