BENDALL, Cecil. London 1.7.1856 — Liverpool 14.3.1906. British Indologist, a Specialist of Buddhist Mahāyāna Literature in Sanskrit. Professor in Cambridge. Son of London tradesman Robert Smith B. and Elizabeth Kay. Attended the City of London School, together with Stevenson (?) and Webster, learnt Sanskrit from Nicholl. In 1875 began study at Cambridge (Trinity & Caius Colleges) under Cowell, 1879 at Göttingen under Benfey. Fellow of Caius College 1879-85. From 1881 taught elementary Sanskrit at Cambridge. In 1882 succeeded Haas at Oriental Printed Books Department of the British Museum, until 1898, in 1885-1903 also (unsalaried) Professor of Sanskrit at University College, London. From 1892 Curator of Oriental Literature in Cambridge University Library. In 1900-1903 University Lecturer of Sanskrit at Cambridge (Neil’s successor), and 1903-06 Professor of Sanskrit at Cam­bridge (Cowell’s successor). Travelled twice in India and Nepal in order to achieve manuscripts for the Cambridge University, in 1884-85 (500 Sanskrit MSS., inscriptions), and in 1898-99 (c. 90 MSS., etc.). Married 1898 with Georgette Jung (d. 1910), no children. He was very fond of music, and a conoisseur of old church music. In his last years he had problems with his health, and died after an illness of 3 1/2 months. Students: Rapson.

Publications: ed. & tr. “The Megha-Sūtra”, JRAS 12, 1880, 286-311.

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