BENDER, Ernest

BENDER, Ernest. Buenos Aires 2.1.1919 — Philadelphia 18.4.1996. U.S. Indo­logist. Professor in Philadelphia. Born in Argentina as U.S. citizen, came to Philadel­phia in the age of four. A.B. 1941 Temple University. From 1940 PG studies at University of Pennsylvania in Indology (W. N. Brown) and Linguistics. After a while in the U.S.A.F., he served in 1943-44 as Instructor in Hindi & Urdu Army Specialized Training Program and in 1944-46 as coordinator of Army Specialized Training Program in Japanese. Ph.D. 1947 University of Pennsylvania, in Oriental Studies. As Rockefeller Fellow in 1947-48 he visited India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Teaching at University of Pennsylvania: 1946-50 Instructor of Indo-Aryan Lin­guistics, 1950-58 Assistant Professor, 1958-67 Research Associate and Associate Professor, from 1967 Professor of Indo-Aryan languages and literature. Retired in 1989. Unmarried, died alone at home.

EB was a scholar of Sanskrit, MIA, Hindi and Newari, even Sinhalese, originally also interested in classics and in Cherokee language. Among his special interests were also Jainism and Jaina literature. In 1955-56 he was in India as Guggenheim Fellow working on Old Gujarati, but the long prepared Old Gujarati dictionary remained unpublished at his death. In 1964-88 he was the editor-in-chief of the JAOS.

Publications: diss. 1947 publ. as The Nalarāyadavadantīcarita. Philadelphia 1951.

Hindi Grammar and Reader. 458 p. Philadelphia 1967; Urdu Grammar and Reader. 487 p. Philad. 1967.

with T. Riccardi: Introductory Hindi Readings. 304 p. Philad. 1971.

The Salibhadra-Dhanna-carita (the tale of the quest for ultimate release by Salibhadra and Dhanna): a work in Old Gujarati. Critically ed. and transl., with a grammatical analysis and glossary. 573 p. A.O.S. 73. New Haven 1992.

editor of the JAOS 1964-88.

Sources: Th. Riccardi, Jr., JAOS 117, 1997, 227; Dir. of Am. Scholars 8th ed. Vol. 3, 1982; photo in JAOS 1989?; MLBD Newsletter 18:9, 1996, 9; Wikipedia.


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