LEGGETT, Trevor Pryce

LEGGETT, Trevor Pryce. London 22.8.1914 — London 2.8.2000. British Author interested in Indian and Japanese Thought. L.I.B. King’s College, London. Son of Ernest Lewis L., a violinist, and Isobel Mabel Pryce. Studies of law at London University (graduated 1934). For 18 years Yoga disciple of Hari Prasad Shastri (d. 1956) in England, from 1936. Attached to British Embassy in Tokyo he was interned in 1941, but exchanged to Japanese diplomates in 1942. Now studied languages at S.O.A.S., part of war service in India. In 1946-70 Head of the BBC Japanese Service. Spent long periods in India and Japan. From 1932 his other special interest was judo, which he then also taught many years, until 1964. In later years lectured on philosophy at Buddhist Society, Theosophical Society, etc.

Publications: More than 30 books, i. al.:

Translated: Śaṅkara on the Yoga-sūtra-s. The Vivaraṇa sub-commentary to Vyāsa­bhāṣya on the Yoga-sūtra-s of Patañjali. 1-2. 178+134 p. L. 1981-83; The Complete Commentary by Śaṅkara on the Yoga-sūtras: a full translation of the newly discovered text. 418 p. L. 1990; Realization of the supreme self: the Bhagavad Gita yogas. 10+234 p. L. 1995 (Bhg-bhāṣya of Sankara).

Books on Zen and Judo.

Sources: Wikipedia.

LE GOUZ DE LA BOULLAYE, François. Beaugé, Anjou 1623 (or 1610?) — Isfahan 1668. French Traveller, in India. Born in a family of English origin, he served in the French troops of Charles I. Back in France in 1644 he soon left via Constantinople to Persia, posing himself as Ibrāhīm Bey. He continued to India, was arrested for a while and returned 1649 to Basra, crossed the desert to Syria and sailed from Egypt to Leghorn (1650). The book attracted attention and in 1664 he became the ambassador of Louis XIV to Mughal court, but the details of this mission are missing (except one letter from Surat).

Publications: Les voyages et observations du sieur de La B. Le Gouz. 1653, 2nd ed. 1657, Dutch tr. 1660.

Sources: E. Borromeo, D.O.L.F. 584f. & Wikipédia (with drawing, both with further ref.).

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