LEIDECKER, Kurt Friedrich. Gera 11.9.1902 — Fredericksburg, Va. 17.11.1991. U.S. (of German origin) Scholar of Comparative Religion. U.S. Citizen. Professor in Fredericksburg. In 1920 immigrated to the U.S.A., first studied botany, soon philosophy and Sanskrit. M.A. 1925 Oberlin College. Ph.D. 1927 University of Chicago, in Sanskrit. In 1934-42 Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, U.S.A. In 1948 Assistant Professor at Lehigh Univer­sity in Betlehem. In 1948-73 Professor at Mary Washington College, University of Virginia in Fredericksburg, 1973 emeritus. From 1974 Director of Thomas Jefferson Institute for the Study of Religious Freedom in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 1956-57 (?) Fulbright scholar in India, later one year as cultural attache in Bangkok. In 1998 the college established the Leidecker Center for Asian Studies in his honour.

Publications: Diss. on the Bhagavadgītā and Hegel. Manuscript 1927, further studies about Indian ideas in Western philosophy.

Sanskrit. Essentials of grammar and language. 7+96 p. N.Y. 1934, 2nd ed. 1976.

Kṣemarāja: Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam. The secret of recognition. A reviving doctrine of salvation of medieval India. Sanskrit text ed. under the supervision of G. S. Murti, transl. into English by K. F. L. 229 p. A.L.S. 18. Adyar 1938.

– Life of the Buddha according to Thai temple paintings. 184 p. 1957.

Much unrelated with India, on philosophy in general, etc.

Sources: D.G.K. 1992; homepage of the Leidecker Center (https://cas.umw.edu/asian/about-the-center/) with two small photos.

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