LJAPUNOV, Boris Mihajlovič

LJAPUNOV, Boris Mihajlovič. Bolobonovo, Simbirsk guv. 6.8.(25.7.)1862 — Borovoe (now Burabej in Kazakhstan) 22.2.1942. Russian Linguist. Son of Mihail Vasil’evič L., an astronomer. Graduated 1885 St.Petersburg. Also student of Fortunatov. After a brief time as Lecturer at Harkiv (1897–99) he was in 1899–1923 Professor of Old Slavonian, Russian and Comparative Grammar at Odessa. From 1924 Academician in Leningrad, also taught at university in 1924-29.

Publications: Wrote on Russian and Slavic linguistics, etymology, etc.

Sources: Prabook.com; Vikipedija with photo.

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