LOMAN, Johannes Reinoud Abraham

LOMAN, Johannes Reinoud Abraham. Amsterdam 1908 — 1976. Dutch Indologist. Studied history at Amsterdam and worked as teacher of history. After the WW II studies of Indology under Scharpé, Galestin and van Lohuizen-de Leeuw. Ph.D. 1956 Amsterdam, under Scharpé. In 1958-73 worked on ABIA in Leiden.

Publications: translated: De Wolkbode van Kalidasa. Amsterdam 1954 (metric); Wolkbode; kringloop der jaargetijden, Kalidasa. Amsterdam 1971 (prose).

edited & transl. The Padmaprābhṛtakam, an ancient bhāṇa assigned to Śūdraka. 83 p. Amsterdam 1956 (diss.).

– “The Comic Character of the Caturbhaṇī”, ALB 25, 1961, 173-187; “Types of Kashmirian society in Kṣemendra’s Deśopadeśa”, ALB 31-32, 1967-1968, 171-184; a few further articles.


Sources: Kern Inst. Dutch Indology homepage.

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