MAKOVEL’SKIJ, Aleksandr Osipovič

MAKOVEL’SKIJ, Aleksandr Osipovič. Grodno (Hrodna in Belarus) 10(22).8.1884 — Baku 16.12.1969. Russian Iranian Scholar in Azerbaijan. Son of an official, Osip Konstantinovič M., and Elena Osipovna, educated in Grodno. Graduated 1907 from Kazan University. Dr. filos. nauk 1946. In 1909-20 taught female classes in Kazan and 1912-20 at Kazan University. In 1920-60 taught philosophy at Baku University. In 1926-29 naučnyj sotrudnik in Azerbaijan educational soviet, 1929-30 in AzGNII, in 1930-40 in its pedagocical branch. 1945-50 Director of Institute of Philosophy and 1952-60 naučnyj sotrudnik there. From 1930 distinguished scholar in Azerbaijan Academy, from 1946 correspondent member of Soviet Academy and from 1949 full member of Azerbaijan Academy. Professor 1945. Married 1908 Vanda Zalevska, one daughter.

Publications: Much on Nizami and other Persian authors; philosophical writings.

Avesta. 143 p. Baku 1960; articles on Zoroastrianism.

Sources: Miliband 1995; Russian Vikipedija.

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