MALET, Charles Warre

MALET, Charles Warre. 30.12.1752 — 24.1.1815. Sir, 1st Bart (1791). Britishman in India. Son of Alexander Malet, of Combe Florest, Somerset. Joined the E.I.C. and served as resident in Cambay in 1774–85 and then at Peshwa court. He left India in 1798 and married Susanna Wales, 8 children (and three with his Rajasthani mistress Amber Kaur). In the 1790s he copied inscriptions in Bombay and in 1794 studied Ellora, publishing the first detailed account of it.

Publications: “Description of Caves or Excavations on the Mountain about a mile to the eastward of the town of Ellora”, As. Res. 6, 389ff. (as Charles W. Mallet).

Sources: *Oxford D.N.B.; Wikipedia with portrait.

MALINOWSKI, Franciszek Ksawery. Gołubie, Pomerania 27.12.1808 (or 1807) — Komorniki, Wielkopolskie 30.1.1881. Polish Priest and Linguist interested in Sanskrit. In his translation of Bopp’s Sanskrit Grammar he compared Sanskrit to Old Slavonian, but as a self-taught linguist could not meet the standards of contemporary linguistics.

Publications: Much on Polish linguistics, e.g. Krytyczno-porównáwczá gramatyka języka Polskiego. Poznan 1869-73; Kriticzny pogląd na zásady glosowni … Polskiego języka. Poznan 1863.

Gramatyka Sanskrytu porównanégo z językiem Starosłowiańckim i Polskim na podstawie sanskryckiéj gramatyki F. Boppa napisaná. 1-3. Poznan 1872-73.

Sources: N.U.C. & British Library Catalogue; dates in

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