BERGNY, August Viktor

BERGNY, August Viktor (born A. V. Nyberg). Norrköping 31.3.1868 — 1927. Swedish Teacher interested in Indology. Son of Karl August Nyberg, a carpenter, and Susanna Albertina Karlsson. Matriculated 1887 from Norrköping. Studies of classics and Sanskrit  at Uppsala: Fil.kand. 1889, fil.lic. 1898. Schoolteacher and collector in Västerås.

Publications: “Notes on some Brāhmī-Kharoṣṭhī Inscriptions on Indian Coins”, JRAS 1900, 409-421.

Sources:Östgötars_minne.djvu/726 (birth & studies); death and profession mentioned in connection of his posthumous papers (in Uppsala); Läroverks- och seminar-matrikel 1914-1915, 72 (in

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