MENDOZA, Gumersindo

MENDOZA, Gumersindo. Aculco 1829 — Ciudad de México 1883. Mexican Physician interested in Languages. Born in a modest family with Otomi background. Studies at Toluca and Mexico City. In 1868 one of the founders of Natural History Society of Mexico. In 1876-83 Curator of National Museum of Archaeology. An enthusiastic layman. In his 1878 book he makes random word comparison in order to show a supposed relationship between Sanskrit and the Mexican Nahuatl language.

Publications: Estudio comparativo entre el Sanskrito y el Nágüatl. 24 p. México 1878.

Diss. on Otomi language, 1872; on the similarities between Mexican and Sino-Japanese art.

Sources: De Mora in (much too positive) from IT 15-16, 1989-90, 287-290;; French Wikipédia (giving dates as 1829/34–1886 [one 1896 must be mistake]).

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