MORLEY, Grace L. McCann

MORLEY, Grace L. McCann. Berkeley CAL 3.11.1900 — New Delhi 8.1.1985. U.S. Art Historian and Museologist. Studies at University of California, Berkeley (B.A. 1923, M.A. 1924) and Paris. Ph.D. 1926 Paris (Sorbonne). In 1927-30 Instructor of French and European Art at Goucher College in Baltimore. In 1930-33 General Curator of Cincinnati Art Museum, 1834-46 and 1949-58 Director of San Francisco Museum of Art, in 1946-49 on leave as head of the Museums Division of Unesco in Paris. In 1960-66 Director of National Museum of India in New Delhi, in 1966-68 Adviser on Museums, Ministry of Education, Government of India. In 1967-78 founder and Head of ICOM Regional Agency in Asia, in new Delhi and Bangkok.

Publications: Indian Sculpture. 1985; art books not related with India.

Sources: Museums and Museology: New Horizons. Essays in Honour of Dr. Grace Morley on her 80th Birthday. Delhi 1980, with life data and photo; Wikipedia: long article with further references.


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