MORLEY, William Hook

MORLEY, William Hook. 1815 — London 21.5.1860. British Oriental Scholar. Son of George M., a lawyer. “Educated for the legal profession, called to the bar in 1840. A notable Oriental scholar, well versed in Arabic and Persian literature. Member of the R.A.S. from 1847, Librarian to the Society from 1859.” Married, widower.

Publications: “A Letter … on a Manuscript of the Jámi al Tawáríkh of Rashíd al Dín … in the Library of the Hon. East India Company”, JRAS 7, 1843, 267-272.

Edited: Mir Khwand’s History of the Atabak Princes of Syria and Asia Minor. L. 1848.

An analytical Digest of all reported cases decided in the Supreme Courts of Judicature in India. 1-3. L. 1849-53.

A descriptive catalogue of the historical manuscripts in the Arabic and Persian languages preserved in the libraries of the Royal Asiatic Society and Oriental Translation Fund. 5+160 p. L. 1854.

The Administration of Justice in British India: Its Past History and Present State. 8+357 p. L. 1858.

– A few further works.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; H.B[everidg]e, D.N.B. Suppl. 1901, 195f.; Wikipedia (mainly quoting H.B.) – all only briefly.

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