BERNET KEMPERS, August Johan. ’s-Hertogenbosch 7.10.1906 — Arnhem 2.5.1992. Dutch Art Historian and South-East Asian Scholar, long time in Indonesia. After school in Middelburg studies of Indo-Iranian and Indonesian from 1926 at Leiden, Ph.D. 1933 (under Krom). In 1934-36 Conservator at Kern Institute, Leiden, also Docent of Cultural History of South-East Asia (1935). In 1936-42 librarian of the Batavian Society in Jakarta, in 1940-42 and 1947-56 Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology of South-East Asia at Jakarta/Yogyakarta. In 1947-56 also director of the Archaeological Department of Indonesia. Years 1942-45 in Japanese prison camp. Returned to Netherlands, director of National Open Air Museum in Arnhem 1958-70, and in 1969-76 eo. Professor of European (!) Ethnology at Amsterdam University. Married with Antonia Maria Lievegoed.

Publications: The Bronzes of Nalanda and Hindu-Javanese Art. 88 p. Ld. 1933; De Indische Cultuurstroem. 20 p. ’s-Gravenhage 1934 (Bijdr. TLVK 90); Cultural Relations between India and Java. 31 p. Calcutta 1937.

Edited: Journaal van Dircq van Adrichem’s Hofreis naar den Groot-Mogol Aurangzeb, 1662. 20+275 p. ’s-Gravenhage 1941.

– “Die Begegnung der Griechisch-Römischen Kunst mit dem Indischen Kulturkreis”, Handbuch der Archäologie, im Rahmen des Handbuchs der Altertumwissenschaft II, Lf. 7, 195?, 455–482.

Ancient Indonesian Art. 130 p. Cambridge Mass. 1959; Monumental Bali. 200 p. 1991.

Borobudur. Mysterie gebeuren in steen. Verval en restauratie. Oudjavaans volksleven. 224 p. 280 ill. Wassenaar 1970, English transl. Ageless Borobudur. Buddhist mystery in stone; decay and restoration; Mendut and Pawon; folklife in ancient Java. 288 p. 225 ill. Wassenaar 1976.

Articles; also wrote on Dutch culture.

Sources: Wie is dat in Nederland 1984–1988 (stand 1984); *R. Soekmono, Bijdr. TLVK 150:2, 1994, 269-290 (with bibliography); Dutch Indology homepage.

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