NEWTON, Henry. Shrewsbury 17.6.1822 — London 20.3.1900. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Henry N., a wharfinger, and his wife Catherine. Educated in Shrewsbury and at Haileybury. In Bombay Civil Service 1844-71. Justice at Bombay High Court 1862-71. President of the Bombay Branch of R.A.S. 1864-68. Amateur photographer. Married 1848 Katharine Townsend Poole (d. 1865), five daughters.

Publications: “Note on a Coin connected with the Sáh Inscription at Girnar”, JBRAS 6, 1861, 15-18; “On the Sáh, Gupta and other Ancient Dynasties of Kattiawar and Guzerat”, JBRAS 7:22, 1863, 1-36; “On Recent Additions to our Knowledge of the Ancient Dynasties of Western India”, JBRAS 9:25, 1867-70 (1872), 1-19, 1 pl.

Sources: J. Falconer, A Biographical Dictionary of 19th Century Photographers in South and South-East Asia. quoted in; stray notes in Internet.

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