OLIPHANT, Samuel Grant

OLIPHANT, Samuel Grant. Camden co., NJ 13.3.1864 — 1936. U.S. Indologist. Son of William O. and Mary Warner Clevenger. In 1902-07 graduate studies of Classics and Sanskrit at Johns Hopkins (Bloomfield), Ph.D. Taught at Parsons College, Philips Exeter, Washington and Jefferson College, Johns Hopkins University, and Olivet College, from 1911 Professor of Greek at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Married 1891 Carrie Gause Norris.

Publications: Diss. A study of the Vedic dual based upon the Rig veda and the Atharva veda. Manuscript of 299 p. 1906.

– “The Vedic Dual I. The Dual of Bodily Parts”, JAOS 30, 1909-10, 155-185; “… Part VI. The Elliptic Dual; Part VII. The Dual Dvandva”, JAOS 32, 1912, 33-57; “… II. The Dual in Similes“, JAOS 35, 1915-17, 16-30.

– “Fragments of a Lost Myth — Indra and the ants”, TAPA 41, 1910, lv–lix.

– “Sanskrit dhénā = Avestan daenā = Lithuanian dainā”, JAOS 32, 1912, 393-413.

– “Vedic Press-stones”, Bloomfield Vol. 1920, 225-250.

– Classical philology and other works unrelated to South Asia.

Sources: Photo and three lines from Grove City College Yearbook 1923 in FamilyOldPhotos.com; family details and photo in findagrave.com; ancestry.com.

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