BICKEL, Gustav Wilhelm Hugo

BICKEL, Gustav Wilhelm Hugo. Kassel 7.7.1838 — Wien 25.1.1906. German Orientalist (Semitic Scholar) in Austria. Son of Johann Wilhelm B., Professor of Canonical Law. Studies of theology and philology at Marburg and Halle, Ph.D. 1862 Marburg, from the same year PD für semitische und indogermanische Sprachen there, also taught at Giessen. In 1867 ordained as a catholic priest in Fulda and became ao. Professor at Münster. From 1874 Professor ord. at Theological Faculty of Innsbruck University, from 1891 at Philosophical Faculty at Wien.

Publications: a few articles on Iranian.

translated from Syriac: Kalila und Damanag. 1876; and other texts; edited Syriac texts.

Dichtungen der Hebräer. 1882; and other works on Hebrew literature.

Sources: Öst. biogr. Lex. 1, 1957, 61; German Wikipedia.


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