POPLEY, Herbert A.

POPLEY, Herbert Arthur. Richmond, Surrey 1878 — Coonoor, India 9.5.1960. Rev. British Missionary and Indologist in India, specialized in Classical Tamil Literature. Studies at Hackney College (B.A.). Ordained priest 1901 and left to India as London Missionary Society’s missionary. Worked in Erode, founding Community Training School there. In 1921 moved to Madras concentrating on literary work in Tamil, also working with YMCA. Married 1908 Lizzie Milda Bragg, of Bangalore Mission. An ecumenist and pioneer of indigenization.

Publications: Translated The Sacred Kural or The Tamil Veda of Tiruvalluvar. 19+120 p. 9 pl. The Heritage of India Series.1931 (selection of 346 couplets in verse translation), rev. ed. 1958 (511 couplets).

The Music of India. 173 p. The Heritage of India Series. Calcutta 1921.

Articles on religious Tamil classics (Indo-Asian Culture 1954 & 1956), Christian works.

Sources: G.H. Anderson (ed.), Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. 1999?, 544; Wikipedia briefly.

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