POSTANS, Thomas. 1808 — Deesa, Gujarat 11.12.1846. British Colonial Officer interested in Ethnology and Archaeology of India. Captain. Joined E.I.C. service as cadet in 1827 and came to Bombay. Political Agent in Cutch and Sind, later political agent at Nassik and Persian interpreter to Sindh Force. Died as appointed member of boundary commission. Married 1833 Marianne Ridgway (later Mrs. Young).

Publications: “Notes of a Journey to Girnar, in the Province of Kattywar, for the purpose of copying the ancient Inscriptions upon the Rock near that place, undertaken by order of Bombay Government”, JASB 5:2, 1838, 865-887 (anonymously publ.); other articles in JASB.

Personal Observations on Sindh: the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, and its capabilities. 15+402 p. L. 1843; Observations on the Increase of Commerce by means of the river Indus. L. 1843.

Hints to Cadets: With a Few Observations on the Military Service of the Honorable East-India Company. 102 p. 1842.

By Mrs. Postans: Cutch; or, Random Sketches, taken during a Residence in one of the Northern Provinces of Western India. 19+283 p. L. 1839.

Sources: JRAS 10, 1847, Proceedings vif.;

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