BLATTER, Edelbert (or Ethelbert)

BLATTER, Edelbert (or Ethelbert). Romanshorn, Appenzell 15.12.1874 (or 1877?) — Pune 26.5.1934. S.J. Swiss Catholic Missionary Scholar in India. Son of the elder Ed. Blatter, a physician. School in Schwyz. Joined S.J. 1896, studied in the Netherlands. Ph.D. In India 1903, in 1904-09 and 1915-24 Professor of Botany at St. Xavier’s College, Bombay. In 1909-14 studied theology in England, ordained priest 1912. In 1920-24 also rector of the College. In retirement continued botanical research, but suffered of diabetes.

Publications: Much on Botany, e.g. The Palms of British India and Ceylon. 600 p. L. 1926; with C. M. McCann & T. S. Sahnis: The Flora of the Indus Delta. 173 p. 8 pl. 50 fig.1929.

K. R. Kirtikar & B. D. Basu, Indian Medicinal Plants. Ed., rev. & enl. by E. B., K.S. Maskar & J. F. Caius. 1935.

Sources: *H. Holzer, “EB. Ein Schweizer-Mahatma in Indien”, A. Clausen (ed.), Jesuiten gestern und heute. Konstanz 1985, 64-79; S. Koch, Jesuiten-Lexikon. 1934 (the only source in Dt. Biogr. Archiv 2nd Ser.); J. Stierli in Web HistLexSchweiz.

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