BLAU, August

BLAU, August. 1858? — 11.7.1926. German Indologist. Librarian in Berlin. “Mediohusanus.” Studies at Jena, 1883 Ph.D. ib. in classical philology. In 1883-84 assistant (Volontär) in Breslau University Library, then at Göttingen University Library, concluded his career as the Librarian of Berlin University Library. Probably he was Cappeller’s student in Indology as this advised him to compile the Böhtlingk index. Together with Cappeller he also contributed to MW’s Sanskrit Dictionary in the 1890s.

Publications: Diss. De Aristarchi discipulis. Jena 1883.

Index zu Böhtlingk’s Indische Sprüche. 110 p. AKM 9. Lp. 1893 (analytic index).

– “Das Bharatopâkhyâna des Viṣṇu-Purâṇa”, Festschrift A. Wilmans. 1903, 205-228 (ed., transl. & notes); “Purāṇische Streifen I. Der Itihāsa von Saraṇyū in seiner Fortbildung durch die Purāṇa”, ZDMG 62, 1908, 337-357.

Sources: No vita in his diss., works in the Ges.Vz.


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