BOBRINSKOY, George Vladimir

BOBRINSKOY, George Vladimir (Russian Georgij Vladimirovič Bobrinskij). Tula, Russia 23.1.1901 — Franklin, Mass. 15/17.11.1985. U.S. (Russian born) Indologist. Professor in Chicago. Born in Russia as the son of Count Vladimir Alexeevič B. and Maria Nikonovna. In the Russian civil war fought in the army of Denikin, but soon left Russia, studied Indology in Paris and then emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1923. Naturalized as U.S. citizen in 1942. Studies in 1923-26 at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, soon also of Indology, until 1926, at University of Pennsylvania, then at Yale until 1928. In both universities student of Edgerton. In 1927-28 Instructor in Sanskrit at Yale, in 1928-30 at University of Chicago, from 1930 Assistant Professor there. In 1942 he was still in the same position, but during the war also headed Russian-language program, later probably Associate Professor. From 1959 Professor of Sanskrit, in 1967 emeritus. In 1951-66 chairman of Department of Linguistics. Also in the Committee on South Asian Studies. Married 1931 Theodora Platt, one son, one daughter.

Wikipedia claims death in 1974, but has 15.11.1985 and Russian Vikipedija 17.11.1985 and apparently Chicago Tribune notes his death in 1985 (Internet page not available in Europe).

Publications: A few indological articles in the JAOS in the 1920s and 1930s, e.g. “The Rite of dantadhāvana in Smṛti Literature”, JAOS 52, 1932, 163-167; “A Line of Brāhmī (?) Script in a Babylonian Contract Tablet”, JAOS 56, 1936, 86-88; reviews in Journal of Religion.

With O. F. Bond: Graded Russian Readers. 340 p. Boston 1952; other works on Russian.

Sources: Dir. of Am. Sch. 1st edition 1942 (never mentioned in later editions); Who Was Who in Am. 9; *Studies in Honour of George B. Chicago 1967; Wikipedia and Russian Vikipedija; on the family see *Wikipedia s.v. Bobrinsky.

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