BOCHINGER, Jean-Jacques

BOCHINGER, Jean-Jacques (Johann Jacob B.). Strasbourg 28.11.1802 — 1831. Alsatian Protestant Theologian. Of humble origin, studies at Protestant Seminary and Theological Faculty of Strasbourg, then at Heidelberg and Göttingen. For a while private tutor in Lyon, then further studies in Paris (Sanskrit). Then teacher and from 1830 minister in Strasbourg. He had many plans, but succumbed to a malady.

Publications: diss. La vie contemplative, ascétique et monastique chez les Indous et chez des peuples bouddhistes. Strasbourg 1831.

wrote on Protestant theology in German and Latin.

Sources: La Faculté de théologie et le Séminaire protestant de Strasbourg (1803-1872): une page de l’histoire de l’Alsace. 1923, 146.


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