AARNE, Antti Amatus

AARNE, Antti Amathus (born Limnell). Pori 5.12.1867 — Helsinki 5.2.1925. Finnish Folklorist. Son of master smith Johan L. and Maria Ahlqvist, lost early his father and as schoolboy also his mother. Matriculated from Porin lyseo 1889. Studies at Helsinki University, student of Kaarle Krohn. M.A. 1893. In 1895-98 in Moscow studying Russian and folklore. Teacher of Latin and Finnish at Kokkola 1898-1902, and at Sortavala 1902-20. Lic.Phil. and Ph.D. 1907 at Helsinki. Docent of Finnish and Comparative Folklore Research 1911, Professor eo. of the same 1922 at Helsinki University. Married 1896 Eva Andersson, three daughters.

Aarne created (since 1910) the famous method for classification of folktales, then developed by Stith Thompson (1928, 1961) and H.-J- Uther (2004), which has been often used for Indian folklore, too. Also used some Indian material, but was himself more interested in Finnish folklore. Wrote important studies on riddles.

Publications: Diss. Vergleichende Märchenforschung. 18+200 p. MSFOu 25, H. 1907; Verzeichnis der Märchen-typen. 10+66 p. FFC 3, H. 1910; Leitfaden der vergleichenden Märchenforschung. 4+87 p. FFC 13. H. 1913; many publications on individual folktale motifs, on Finnish folktales, riddles and folk poetry.

– “Zur Frage nach der Bedeutung der indischen Märchen”, FUF 12, 1912, 139-146.

With Stith Thompson: The Types of the Folktale. A Classification and Bibliography. (Enlarged transl. of 1910 Verzeichnis). 279 p. FFC 74. H. 1928, second rev. ed. 588 p. FFC 184. H. 1961.

Sources: Obituary by *V.J. Mansikka, FUFAnz 17, 1925, 61-64; J. Hautala, Finnish Folklore Research 1928–1918. The History of Learning and Science in Finland 1828–1818 12. Helsinki 1968, 147-153 (with photo); Helsingin Yliopiston opettajat ja virkamiehet 1 (with photo) & Täydennys 1938; Satu Apo, Kansallisbiografia 1, 2003, 46f.; Finnish Wikipedia with photo (only briefly in English version).

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