BOGLE, George

BOGLE, George. Daldowie on Clyde 26.11.1746 — Calcutta 3.4.1781. British (Scots) Traveller and Diplomat. Youngest son of George B., an important Glasgow merchant, and Ann Sinclair. Educated at Haddington, Glasgow, Edinburgh University. From 1769 in E.I.C. On 13.5.1774 appointed by Warren Hastings “to lead an embassy to the Teshu Lama of Tibet, for the purpose of opening up trade and friendly relations”. Went through Bhutan, met the Teshu Lama “and accompanied him to Teshu Lumpo, and returned thence to India” in 1775. In 1779 appointed Collector of Rangpur, in order to promulgate trade with Bhutan and Tibet. A second journey to “Tibet was contemplated, but was postponed, the Teshu Lama going to Pekin. Bogle proposed meeting him at Pekin,” but died, probably of cholera.

Publications: Journal published. A number of letters preserved.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; *Th.F. Finlayson, D.N.B. 5, 1886, 302; Wikipedia (with portrait). Not in Br. Biogr. Arch.


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