BORÉ, Eugène

BORÉ, Eugène. Angers 15.8.1809 — Paris 3.5.1878. French Orientalist, especially Armenian Scholar. Son of an official, educated in Angers and Paris, then studied languages: Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Persian, Hebrew, Syriac and in 1833 Sanskrit. In 1837 he headed the Iranian expedition of the A.I.B.L., also advanced missionary interests. 1847 another expedition to Palestine. In 1850 ordained as priest in Constantinople and served 15 years as Lazarist school director in Constantinople. Back in Paris, from 1866 Secretary General and from 1874 Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission. Died of sudden illness.

Publications: Le couvent de Saint-Lazaire à Venice, ou, Histoire succincte de l’ordre des Méchitaristes arméniens. 258 p. P. 1837; Arménie. 144 p. P. 1838 (history); and a few other works on Armenia.

– “Considérations sur les inscriptions pehlvies de Kirmanchâh tradd. par M. le baron S. de Sacy”, JA 3. s. t. 11, 1841, 640-673.

Sources: Catholic Encyclopedia; Wikipedia with portrait. Not in Arch. biogr. franç.

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