BORECKÝ, Jaromír

BORECKÝ, Jaromír. Buddies (now České Budějovice) 6.8.1869 — Prague 8.5.1951. Czech Poet, Translator and Librarian, listed as an Oriental scholar by Heyne and apparently knew some Sanskrit and certainly Persian. He is said (by Bečka) to have been a student of the Orientalist R. Dvořak and written his diss. on Firdausi. He was long time Director of National Library in Prague. Married, father of —> M.B.

Publications: Transl. with J. Zubatý: “Meghadūta”, Sborník svĕtové poesie. Prague 1902.

Transl. Firdůsi: Kniha králů. 99 s. Bibliotéka klasiků orientálních 1. Prague 1910 (long extracts). 

Books about Czech literature, poetry.

Sources: Date of birth in Heyne, Orient. Datenbuch. Lp. 1912; Bečka, Comm. Cyrus 1974, 385; Poucha, ArO 1951, 187; works in the N.U.C. Briefly in Czech Wikipedia (with photo).

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