BORKOWSKI, Aleksander (Leszek) Dunin

BORKOWSKI, Aleksander (Leszek) Dunin (Dunin B., Al.). Gródek 11.1.1811 — Lemberg (Lwów, now L’viv) 30.11.1896. Count. Polish Politician, Poet and Author, who translated Bhartṛhari’s poems into Polish (from von Bohlen?). Son of Franciszek Anton D. B. and Franciszka Anna Dzieduszycka, brother of poet Jozef D. B. (1809-43). From 1827 studies of philology at Czernowicz, then at Lemberg (Lwów). In 1831 active in freedom movement. Later he became member of Galician Landtag and of Reichsrat. Lived in Lemberg (Lwów).

Publications: A number of works unrelated with India.

Setka Bhartriharisa (poezye hinduskie). 73 p. Poznań 1845.

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