BOWREY (Bowry), Thomas

BOWREY (Bowry), Thomas. 1650? — 1?.7.1713. British Sea Captain in the East. In India and South-East Asia in 1669-88 as sailing master, then captain, first in Madras. If the Hudson Bay Dictionary is by him, he must have been also in Canada. Married 1691 his cousin Mary and settled in Wapping, London, but details of his later life are scarce, although his will is preserved. He kept his interest in the East and owned shares of ships. His book, a description of India and South-East Asia, remained long time in manuscript and was published in 1903.

Publications: Dictionary, English and Malayo, Malayo and English. 248 p. L. 1701; A Dictionary of the Hudson Bay Language. 1701 (a specimen of 7 pages).

The Countries around the Bay of Bengal. Ed. by R. C. Temple. 56+378 p. Hakluyt Soc. 2nd Series 12. L.1903.

The papers of Thomas Bowrey, 1669-1713. Ed. by R. C. Temple. Hakluyt Soc. 1927.

Sources: Temple’s introduction 1903; two brief notes in Br. Biogr. Arch.; briefly Wikipedia.

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