BOWER, Henry

BOWER, Henry. Madras 1812 — Palayankottah 1885. Rev. Anglo-Indian Missionary in South India. D.D. Son of Francis Bower (François Bouverie, d. 1824) and his wife Justinia. After Vepery Seminary worked as Catechist of Wesleyan Missionary Society, from 1838 Assistant Missionary in the Madras mission. Ordained priest 1845 and deacon 1848. Worked as priest in Tanjore 1844-46 (?), Vediarpuram 1846-57, Madras 1857-75 and 1878-84, in Kumbakonam 1875-78. Principal Tamil examiner of Madras University. Introduced R. Caldwell to Tamil Literature. Married Emma Taylor (d. 1844), then Eliza Jessie Blacker (d. 1862), two sons with the second.

Publications: An Essay on Hindu Caste. 6+123 p. Calcutta 1851; A Vocabulary, English and Tamil, systematically arranged, to advance the learner in Scientific as well as Verbal Knowledge. 7+78 p.  Madras 1852.

Translated: The Chintamani. First Book called Vámacal Ilamban with the Commentary of Nachinárkiniár. 41+156 p. Madras 1864; introd. also separately as Introduction to the Chintamani, a Tamil epic poem; explaining the doctrines of the Jains, on which the work is founded. 42 p. Madras 1868.

Introduction to the Nannul: the Tamil text and English translation with appendices of notes and grammatical terms. 48 p. Madras 1876; The Bhagavadgíta … translated into English and Tamil. 54+137 p. Madras 1889.

Translated and wrote religious texts in Tamil.

Sources: Wikipedia, Tamil version with picture; with photo.

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