RAVENSHAW, Edward Cockburn

RAVENSHAW, Edward Cockburn. Mangalore 1804 —?.4.1877. British Civil Servant in India. Son of John Goldsborough R. (1777–1840), later the chairman of E.I.C., and Hannah Bond. In 1820 Prizes in Bengali and Persian from Haileybury, soon entered Indian Civil Service. Apparently served also in the residence of Hyderabad (in 1830 short time as acting Resident). Commissioner in Bengal (1841), commissioner of revenue and circuit of Patna District (1845). Unmarried.

Publications: “Translation of various inscriptions found among the ruins of Vijayanagar”, As. Res. 20, 1836, 1-40; “Notice of Inscriptions in Behar”, JASB 8, 1839, 347-355, 2 pl. & 9:1, 1840, 65-68.

– “The Avatars of Vishnoo. An abstract Translation from the Pudma Pooran”, JASB 11:2, 1842, 1112–1130.

– “On the Ancient Bed of the River Soane and Site of Palibothra”, JASB 14:1, 1845, 137–154.

Sources: Asiatic Journal 1820 and other stray notes traced in Internet; briefly in http://www.thepeerage.com/p18339.htm#i183385; articles listed in the Centenary review of A.S.B.

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