BRIESS, Erwin Eduard. Olmütz (Olomouc), Moravia 9.5.1886 — 1946. Austrian Student of Indology. Studies of Oriental Philology at Vienna, Ph.D. 1912. Moved soon to Switzerland and lived in Zürich as author and journalist. Apparently became Swiss citizen as he is later called Swiss.

Publications: Diss. Das Rta und die Âdityas. Manuscript, Vienna 1912.

Publ. notes on Greek epigraphy, etc. in Wiener Studien 1911 and Klio 1912.

Sources: Neither in Ö.B.L. nor N.U.C., but found in and; the identical birth date shows that Vienna doctor and E. E. Briess in Zürich was the same person.

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