RUDIN, Semën Gesselevič.

RUDIN, Semën Gesselevič. Leningrad 21.7.1929 — 22.8.1973. Russian Indologist (Tamil Scholar). Son of an official. In 1947-52 studied Indology in Leningrad. From 1955 until his death taught Indology at Leningrad. In 1966 one year in India studying the Nilghiri languages (Toda, Kota, Kurumba). Kand. filol. nauk 1968 Leningrad. He was mainly a Tamil scholar and Dravidian linguist, but also taught Hindi, Urdu and Bengali and wrote on Hindi phonetics.

Publications: At least 20 publications, including:

Kand.diss. Morfologiče struktura tamil’skogo jazyka. Manuscript of 207 p. Lg. 1968, publ. 168 p. M. 1972.

– “Nekotorye voprosy fonetiki jazyka hindustani”, Uč. zap. Inst. Vostokov. 13, 1958, 233-265; phonetic supplement to the Russko-hindi slovar’. M. 1957, 1257-1276.

With A. M. Pjatigorskij: Tamil’sko-russkij slovar’. 1384 p. M. 1960.

– “Zamečanija o tamil’skom slovesnom udarenii”, Voprosy grammatiki jazykov stran Azii. Lg. 1964, 57-70; “O narečijah sovremennogo literaturnogo tamil’skogo jazyka”, Issledovanija po filologii stran Azii i Afriki. 1966; “Služebnye slova sovr. lit. tam. jaz. i ih grammatičeskie razrjady”, Problemy filosofii stran Azii i Afriki. Lg. 1966, 54-66.

– “Grammatical word-classes in Modern Literary Tamil”, 2nd Int. Tamil Conf. Madras 1968.

Translations from Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayālam.

Sources: *N.V. Gurov & G.A. Zograf, NAA 1973:6, 238-240; Miliband 1977, 1995; Zograf, IIJ 16, 1975, 222-224; several photos in

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