BROWN, Percy

BROWN, Percy. Birmingham 1872 — 22.3.1955. British Art Historian in India. Educated at King Edward VI Grammar School in Birmingham and Royal College of Art in London. Excavated for the Egypt Exploration Fund in Upper Egypt in 1894-96. Entered Indian Educational Service in 1899. Principal of Mayo School of Art in Lahore and Curator of Lahore Museum in 1899-1909, Principal of Government School of Art in Calcutta and Curator of Art Section in Indian Museum 1909-27. Married 1908 with Muriel Talbot (d. 1943), and 1948 with Geneviève Le Play.

Publications: Picturesque Nepal. 205 p. 44 pl. L. 1912; Tours in Sikkim. 1917; Indian Painting. 1918, 2nd ed. 132 p. The Heritage of India Series. L. 1927; Indian Painting under the Mughals, a.d. 1550 – a.d. 1750. 204 p. 72 pl. Oxford 1924; Indian Architecture: Buddhist and Hindu Periods. 216 p. 164 pl.1942; Indian Architecture: Islamic Period. 134 p. 125 pl. Bombay 1956.

Sources: Who Was Who 1951-60; The Indian Year Book and Who’s Who 1941-42; Wikipedia.


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