BROWN, George William

BROWN, George William. 25.10.1870 — 4.12.1932. U.S. Missionary and Indologist. Missionary in Central India in 1900–1917, with intervals at home, where he presented his Ph.D. dissertation in Indology under Bloomfield at Johns Hopkins in 1910. After returning to home, he was Professor at Transylvania College, Dean of College of Missions in Indianapolis, and Head of India Department at Kentucky School of Missions (Hartford Seminary Foundation). Married with Virginia Augusta Clark, father of —> W. Norman Brown.

GWB was interested in NIA and Dravidian languages and in Indian religion, emphasizing the Dravidian element in Indian thought.

Publications: diss. The Human Body in the Upanishads. MS. 1910.

– “Prāṇa and Apāna”, JAOS 39, 1919, 104-112; “The Sources of Indian philosophical Ideas”, Bloomfield Volume 1920, 75-88; “The Possibility of a Connection between Mitanni and the Dravidian Language”, JAOS 50, 1930, 273-305.

Sources: short note in JAOS 33, 1933, 369; not in Who Was Who in Am., not in Am. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd Series.


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