SCHMIDT, József. Vác 24.12.1868 — Budapest 1.10.1933. Hungarian Indologist. Professor in Budapest. Son of a house-painter, studied at Budapest under Mayr. In 1899-1908 worked as school-teacher. In 1908-10 Docent and in 1910-20 Professor of comparative IE linguistics at Budapest (succeeding Mayr). In 1919 he worked in the Ministry of Education of the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic and was therefore forced to retire (with pension).

JS was originally a linguist mainly interested in classical and IE linguistics. In retirement he turned to Sanskrit literature and presenting Indian culture in Hungarian.

Publications: Nasalis infixum névszókban. Budapest 1904, and other IE studies in Hungarian.

Buddha élete, tana é egyhaza. Budapest 1920 (Buddha’s Life, Teaching and Church).

Az ó-ind epika. Budapest 1921 (Old Indian Epic Poetry); A szanszkrit irodalom története. 222 p. Budapest 1923 (History of Sanskrit Literature); Kálidásza. n.d. (K. a popular introduction); Az ind filozófia. Budapest 1923 (Indian Philosophy).

translated into Hungarian: A király és a bajadér. 1922, 2nd ed. 1961 (The King and the Bayadere, i.e. Mālavikāgnimitra); Pancsatantra azaz Ötös Könyv. Budapest 1924, 2nd ed. 1959; Šūdraka, Az agyagkocsika. 1925 (The earthen carriage); an unpublished Bhagavadgītā.

articles in Akadémiai Értesitó, etc.

Sources: Magyar életrajzi lexikon 2 (with photo); Harmatta in Skr. Studies Outside India 80f.; Wojtilla in St. in Indo-Asian Art & Cult. 5, 1977, 179f.; *Hungarian Wikipédia with photo.

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