BRUCE, Charles

BRUCE, Charles. India 1836 — Edinburgh 13.12.1920. Sir. British (Scots) Indologist, then a Colonial Officer. Son of Thomas Br., of E.I.C. Educated at Harrow, Yale University, and in Germany, a student of Roth at Tübingen. From 1865 Professor (unpaid?) of Sanskrit at the King’s College, London. Soon entered colonial service: 1868 Rector of the Royal College, Mauritius. 1878 Director of Public Instruction, Ceylon. 1882 Colonial Secretary, Mauritius. In 1885-93 Lieutenant-Governor of British Guiana. 1893-97 Governor of the Windward Isles. 1897-1904 Governor of Mauritius. In retirement politically active. Married in 1868 with Clara Lucas (d. 1916), two sons.

Publications: “On the Vedic Conception of the Earth — Atharvaveda XII 1”, JRAS 19, 1862, 321-336.

Die Geschichte von Nala. Versuch einer Herstellung des Textes. 14+47 p. St. Petersburg 1862.

Milestones on my long journey, memoirs of a colonial governor. 232 p. Glasgow 1917; several works on colonies.

Sources: Who Was Who 1916-1928; Wikipedia; not in D.N.B.


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