BRUCE, Charles

BRUCE, Charles. Roncally, Bengal 13.10.1836 — Edinburgh 13.12.1920. Sir. British (Scottish) Indologist, then a Colonial Officer. Son of Thomas Br., of E.I.C. Educated at Harrow, Yale University (from 1856), and in Germany, a student of Roth at Tübingen (from 1861). From 1863 Assistant at British Museum Library, from 1865 Professor (unpaid?) of Sanskrit at the King’s College, London. Assisted Böhtlingk and Roth in the dictionary work (PW). Soon left Indology and entered colonial service: 1868 Rector of the Royal College, Mauritius. 1878 Director of Public Instruction, Ceylon. 1882 Colonial Secretary, Mauritius. In 1885-93 Lieutenant-Governor of British Guiana. 1893-97 Governor of the Windward Isles. 1897-1904 Governor of Mauritius. In retirement politically active, campaigned for Indian immigrants in oter British colonies. K.C.M.G. 1889. Married 1868 Clara Lucas (d. 1916), two sons.

Publications: “On the Vedic Conception of the Earth — Atharvaveda XII 1”, JRAS 19, 1862, 321-336.

Die Geschichte von Nala. Versuch einer Herstellung des Textes. 14+47 p. St. Petersburg 1862.

Milestones on my long journey, memoirs of a colonial governor. 232 p. Glasgow 1917; several works on colonies, one collection of poems, memoirs.

Sources: Stache-Weiske 2017, 510; Who Was Who 1916-1928; Wikipedia with photo; not in D.N.B.

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