CARNOY, Albert Joseph

CARNOY, Albert Joseph. Louvain 7.11.1878 — Louvain 12.1.1961. Belgian Linguist. Professor in Louvain. Son of a Professor of Philosophy. Studied at Louvain classical and Romance philology, wrote dissertations in both (in 1901 and 1902). From 1902 Docent, from 1904 eo. Professor and from 1908 ord. Professor at Louvain, taught Greek, comparative IE linguistics and mythology, Sanskrit, and Iranian. During the WW I he was in the U.S.A., taught 1915-18 at Columbia Uni­ver­sity (N.Y.) and 1918-19 at University of California (Berkeley). In 1919 returned to Louvain for the rest of his life. In the 1920s and early 1930s active in politics. AC was a many-sided and productive scholar, in the first place IE linguist especially interested in etymology. Also a pioneer of toponymic studies in Belgium.

Publications: “Le nom des Mages”, Le Muséon 27, 1908, 121-158; “Aramati / Ārmatay, étude indo-iranienne”, Le Muséon 13, 1912, 127-146; “La magie dans l’Iran”, Le Muséon 33:2, 1915-16, 171-188; “Iranian Views of Origins in Connection with Similar Babylonian Beliefs”, JAOS 36, 1917, 300-320; “The Iranian Gods of Healing”, JAOS 38, 1918, 294-307; “L’idée du ‘royaume de dieu’ dans l’Iran”, Le Muséon 34, 1921, 81-106.

Iranian Mythology. 164 p. The Mythology of All Races 6. Boston 1917.

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Les Indo-Européens. Préhistoire des langues, des mœurs et des croyances de l’Europe. 256 p. Bruxelles 1921; La science du mot. 7+426 p. Louvain 1927; Dictionnaire étymologique du proto-indo-européen. 12+224 p. Lv. 1955; four bookd on Belgian onomastics (toponyms & family names).

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