BOMFORD, Trevor. Bembridge, Isle of Wight 18.11.1849 — India 21.12.1929. Rev. British Missionary in India. Son of Samuel B. and Francis Jane Winter. Studies at Cambridge (Corpus Christi College) and Durham University (M.A.). Ordained 1874. Worked for Church Missionary Society in Multan and Peshawar. Married Jane Catherine Charlotte Briggs, four sons and two daughters.

Publications: “Rough Notes on the Grammar of the Language spoken in the Western Pañjāb”, JASB 64:1, 1895, 290-336; “Pronominal Adjuncts in the Language spoken in the Western and Southern Parts of the Panjab”, JASB 66:1, 1897, 146-163; “A Mohammedan’s Knowledge of the Koran”, The Muslim World 14, 1924, 58-60.


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