CHAPMAN, Charles

CHAPMAN, Charles. Bath wick, Somerset 23.11.1752 — 19.3.1809. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Charles Ch., a retired officer of E.I.C.’s army. Educated at Hoxton Academy. From 1773 Writer of E.I.C. in Bombay, 1775 moved to Calcutta. Close to Hastings. In 1778-79 diplomatic mission to Cochin-China (Vietnam), 1781-83 to Nagpur (Berar). In 1794-1801 manager of a salt district. In 1802-05 M.P. for Newton, Isle of Wight. He was addict to gambling and lost most of the fortune collected in India. Married 1784 Mary Williams, children. He was interested in Indian culture and studied with Pandit Mahesha. Founding member of Asiatic Society.

Publications: Nothing found.

Sources: J.W. Anderson in (orig. in R. Thorne, The History of Parliament. 1986); *P.J. Marshall, Oxford D.N.B.

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