CHAPMAN, Francis Robert Henry

CHAPMAN, Francis Robert Henry. Sholapur, Maharashtra 22.10.1858 — Portugal 13.3.1942. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Ingram Francis Ch., an officer of E.I.C., and Louisa Aplin (d. 1869). Finally Major in Bombay Staff Corps. In retirement apparently lived in Camberley, Surrey. Married 1890 Margaret Ritchie, children.

Publications: English–Hindūstānī Pocket Vocabulary (Containing 1500 Useful Words in Classified Lists). Yorktown 1904, 2nd ed. containing 2200 words. 126 p. L. 1907 (romanized).

How to learn Hindūstānī, a Guide to the Lower and Higher Standard Examinations. In six parts. 356 p. L. 1905, 2nd ed. 1910; Urdū Reader for Beginners. London & Calcutta & Simla & Bombay [1905], 2nd ed. Urdū Reader for Military Students. L. 1910, again as Urdu Reader, (graduated) for all standards, containing Urdū alphabet, lists of useful words, etc. 102+76 p. L. 1929.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, gives family details.

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