DODERET, William

DODERET, William. Madras 30.9.1862 — 19??. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Frederick D. Educated in London and at Balliol College, Oxford. M.A. Joined I.C.S. 1880, arrived 1882, served in Gujarat and Maharashtra, retired 1909. In 1910-19 University Teacher of Marathi at Cambridge. Married Margaret Robertson McDonald, two daughters. One W.D. died in Middlesex 1931.

Publications: “A Gujarātī–English Vocabulary”, BSOS 3:4, 1925, 783-798 (supplement to Belsare’s Dictionary); “Government of ‘prepositions’ in Gujarati”, BSOS 4:1, 1926, 65-67.

– “Note on the Development of the Modi Characters”, BSOS 1:4, 1920, 11-13; “The Passive voice in the Jnanesvari”, BSOS 4:1, 1926, 59-64; “The Grammar of the Jnaneshvari”, BSOS 4:3, 1927, 543-573; “A 14th century Marathi Inscription”, BSOS 5:1, 1928, 37-42; “Further Light on the Archaic Marathi jā Genitive”, BSOS 5:2, 1929, 251f.

A few reviews in BSOS.

Sources: The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1917–1918 p. 72; The India List and India Office List. 1905; Balliol College Register, 1832–1914.

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