JONES, John P.

JONES, John Peter. Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales 4.9.1847 — Hartford, Conn. 3.10.1916. U.S. (of Welsh origin) Missionary in South India. Came to the U.S.A. in 1866, graduated from Western Reserve College (later University), then studies at Andover Theological Seminary. M.A. In 1878 ordained and joined the Madura Mission. In 1892-1914 Principal of theological school in Pasumalai. From 1914 until death Professor of Indian Missions at Kennedy School of Missions in Hartford, Conn. D.D. 1895 Western Reserve University. Married, four daughters and one son.

Publications: India’s Problem: Krishna or Christ. 13+369 p. N.Y. 1903.

India, Its Life and Thought. 448 p. Cincinnati 1908.

The Modern Missionary Challenge: a study of the present day world missionary enterprise, its … problems and results. 361 p. N.Y. & Chicago 1911.

– “Madurai”, E.R.E. 8, 1916, 239f.

Editor of The Year Book of Missions in India.

Also by him?: John P. Jones: Hinduism and Christianity: a comparison and a contrast. 4+59 p. L. 1898; a few further religious books.

Sources: with photo (from G.H. Anderson, Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. 1998, 341); D. Shavit, United States in Asia. 1990, 271;

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