HARKNESS, Henry. 17?? — Lympstone 17.8.1838. British Colonial Officer in South India. Captain (1826/34). Commanded the escort of Bishop —> Heber until Heber’s death in 1826. He collaborated with —> MacKenzie, edited Ram Raz’s posthumous Architecture of the Hindus and worked as the secretary of College of Fort St.George. Apparently returned as he was Secretary of the R.A.S. in 1834/37.

Publications: A Description of a Singular Aboriginal Race inhabiting the Summit of Neilgherry Hills. 7+175 p. L. 1832, abridged French transl 1882.

Ancient and Modern Alphabets of the Popular Hindu Languages of the Southern Peninsula of India. 2+36 p. L. 1837.

With Moulavi Syyid Abdul Kadir Hosani: Sarf, the fifth book of a series, designed to assist native students in the acquirement of a correct and grammatical knowledge of the Hindustani language, as spoken in the Peninsula of India. 49 p. Madras 1828 (in Urdu, title page in English – Dogra 387).

With Visvambra Sastri, an elementary book of Sanskrit in Tamil (1827).

– “Remarks on the School System of the Hindús”, JRAS 1, 1834, 15-19.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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