LUMSDEN, Harry Burnett

LUMSDEN, Harry Burnett. Bay of Bengal 12.11.1821 — Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire 12.8.1896. Sir. British (Scottish) Colonial Offcer in India. Lieutenant-General. Son of Colonel Thomas L. and Hay Burnett, cousin of —> Matthew L. After early years in Bengal he was sent to his grandmother in Aberdeenshire. Came to India as cadet in 1838, served in North-West India (1852-55 on leave in the U.K.), participated in the first Anglo-Afghan war, in Anglo-Sikh wars and in 1857. In 1847 established the Corps of Guides. In 1862-69 in Hyderabad commanding Nizam’s army, then soon returned to the U.K. and settled in family estate, which he inherited in 1874. Married 1866 (when on leave) Fanny Myers.

Publications: The Mission to Kandahar.5+282 p. Calcutta 1860 (much on Nuristani language and ethnography).

Sources: Wikipedia with drawing.

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