ALEXANDER, James Edward

ALEXANDER, James Edward. Stirling 16.10.1803 — Ryde, Isle of Wight 2.4.1885. Sir. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer in India. Son of Edward Al. and Catherine Glas. Educated at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Sandhurst. In 1821 joined Madras cavalry. In February 1824 he visited the Ajanta Caves (he was not the first, the caves had been visited by Englishmen in 1819, but he was the first to publish a description). In 1824 he served in Burmese war, and in 1825 quitted E.I.C. and joined the 13th light dragoons. Travelled by land from India to Europe. Participated in Persian (1826) Turkish (1829), Portuguese (1832-34), South African (1835), and Crimean (1855-56) wars. In 1834 he visited South America, 1836-37 made an expedition of discovery to the interior of South Africa (Namaqualand and Damaraland). In 1841-55 served in Canada. Colonel 1858. In 1861-62 in New Zealand in Maori war. Retired 1877 as Lieutenant-General, full General 1882. Sir 1838, C.B. 1873. Married in 1837 with Eveline Marie Michell, 4 sons and one daughter.

Publications: “Notice of a visit to the Cave Temple of Adjunta in the East-Indies”, TrRAS 2:2, 1830, 362-370.

Shigurf nāma-e Wilāyat, ot Excellent Intelligence concerning Europe; being the Travels of Mirza Hesa Modeen in Great Britain and France. Translated from the original Persian Manuscript into Hindoostanee, with an English Version and Notes by J.E.A. 11+233 p. L. 1827.

Travels from India to England, comprehending a visit to the Burman empire, and a journey through Persia, Asia Minor, European Turkey, &c. In the years 1825-26. 16+301 p. L. 1827; other travel books.

Life of Field Marshal, His Grace the Duke of Wellington. 1-2. L. 1839-40.

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